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Privacy Policy for Chrome Extensions

At, we highly value the privacy and security of our users. This Privacy Policy is designed to provide clarity on how we handle information when you use our Chrome extensions. Rest assured, our extensions can be used by anyone without any data collection.

Information We Do Not Collect:

  1. Usage Data: We do not collect any information about how you use our Chrome extensions. Your activities within the extension remain private and are not tracked or stored.
  2. Extension Settings: We do not gather any information about your extension settings or preferences. Your customization choices are solely yours and are not shared with us.
  3. Error Reporting: We do not collect diagnostic information in the event of errors or crashes. Any troubleshooting or technical issues are addressed without the need for user data.

How We Ensure Privacy:

We are committed to maintaining the privacy of our users by adhering to strict data minimization practices. Our extensions are designed to operate without the need for any personal information or usage data.

Third-Party Services:

Our Chrome extensions do not integrate with any third-party services or APIs. You can use our extensions with confidence, knowing that your privacy is fully respected and protected.

Changes to This Privacy Policy:

While we currently do not collect any data, in the event of any changes in our privacy practices, we will update this Privacy Policy accordingly. Any modifications will be clearly communicated to users.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about our Chrome extensions or privacy practices, please feel free to reach out to us at muthaliganesh77 at

Last Updated: 22 April 2024

This Privacy Policy was last updated on the date indicated above.

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